Management of multilingual projects

We offer comprehensive management services for projects in multiple languages. Our offer ranges from preparing content in the original language to issuing and distributing documents in the desired languages.

Translation services

Technical translation
Translation of highly technical documents, ensuring both the accuracy of the terminology used and the correct transmission of the ideas expressed in the original documents.

Localisation of software and web pages
Localization services, adapting content to the characteristics of target markets.

General translation
Translation of general documents: catalogues, manuals, financial documents, bids, contracts, annual reports, papers, etc.

Sworn translation
Sworn translation of documents issued by public or private bodies: universities, law courts, councils, registers and others, as well as contracts, notary acts, employment certificates and others.

DTP services

Design, fine tuning and improvement of formats, ensuring that they fulfil the requirements of each particular job.

Palindrome works with software from the: 

Adobe: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Corel: CorelDraw, PhotoPaint

Autodesk: Autocad

Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others

Interpreting services

Simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpretation services.

Proofreading and text and format correction services

Review of content and format of existing documents, style correction, consistency of terminology.

Content and format management services

We offer advice on optimising the management of all kinds of content, including design, creation, optimisation and maintaining terminology databases, translation memories, style guides and reference material in general.

The service also includes advice on systems and procedures to ensure optimum content creation and maintenance.

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