Numerous private and public organisations place their trust in Palíndromo.
Palíndromo’s customers operate in various private and public sectors: automotive, metalworking, home appliance manufacturing, plastics industry, tourism, pharmaceuticals, software, hardware, construction, engineering, infrastructures, utilities, energy, renewable energies, petrochemicals, chemicals, oil, financial institutions and telecommunications.


The language combinations we offer include more than 40 languages, among others: Spanish, English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.


We use the most advanced technology in project management, terminology management and translation support systems (CAT systems).
State-of-the-art work tools enable us to improve our production and information management processes, ensuring a final product of the highest quality, and help us achieve a faster response time and, at the same time, offer competitive rates.

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